Like Patreon but free

Ok so I think I’ve had a genius idea!

So many van lifers/vloggers and content creators these days are using Patreon as a way of offering extra content to subscribers. It’s something I have thought about a lot and even posted a short video on YouTube about it. After lots of feedback and speaking to Helen, I have decided not to do Patreon as it can come across as a sort of two tier system whereby people who pay money get more content. With the current cost of living crisis that just seems unfair.

It’s been bugging me for weeks now because I know there are lots of followers who would like to see ‘behind the scenes’ and more niche content (the sort of stuff that is too niche to put up on YouTube) but if I were to use Patreon then it would cost people money. Then I have had people message me saying they want to support the channel and would be happy to pay a subscription.

How do I keep everyone happy without creating a two-tier system?

My genius idea is to put all extra vlogs and behind the scenes content on here completely free of charge.

of course those who want to donate can do so knowing that they are helping to pay for the hosting of all the extra vlogs and I can also supplement this by having advertisements on the website too. I think its a win/win situation so will give it a go for a few weeks to see how it works out.


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